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  • Benefits of UVB

Benefits of UV-B narrow band phototherapy

It goes without saying that patients choose the least dangerous treatment to their health: UVB therapy is much less toxic than the administration of systemic, biological drugs.

You should always bear in mind the safest option for your health; you should compare the adverse effects of treatment methods. And in this respect, healing with the aid of UVB light is by far the safest method, confirmed by specialists.

The time of exposure is small enough so that the schedule is not messed by UVB treatment. No more time wasted in traffic, no more difficult transportation to / from the clinic; now you can treat in your home comfort, privately, at a very low cost.
Basically, you pay once the acquisition cost of medical UVB lamp, saving thousands of dollars in clinical phototherapy sessions.

It is true that in general, doctors are not pleased that their profit is reduced, because of phototherapy at home, but their fears that treatment cannot be applied properly at home are unfounded.

After all, it's a matter of time and money.
If you can afford frequent visits to the clinic and exorbitant costs for the same UVB treatments, you probably do not need UVB lamps for home treatment.

We mainly address the 90% of people with psoriasis, vitiligo, severe acne or eczema for whom the dermatologists recommend UVB treatment but who have a limited budget. You pay once, and get free treatment at home.

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Benefits of UVB

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