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UVB 311nm ultraviolet lamp narrow band (Philips bulb) 110v USA plug


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$149.00 + shipping  (tracking number @USPS + insurance)  

Attack phase: this lasts approximately 4-6 weeks, with 3-4 exposures per week. Exposure time is recommended by your dermatologist, according to your type of skin and the disease you’re suffering from.
2. Median phase: this may last from 4 to 10-12 weeks, according to the skin conditions and its severity. The physician assesses the time for exposure and during what periods. The purpose of this phase is remission of the skin condition.
3. Maintenance phase: may last even 2 months, during this period the uvb ultraviolet dose is gradually reduced. This phase tends to reduce disease relapse and extends te period of benefits obtained by treatment.
In extreme cases when the disease relapses after phase 3, the doctor may recommend repeating the second phase. Anyway, result are more than satisfactory, over 400 clinical tests performed mainly by Philips has brought a great rate of healing, as well as long term improvement of skin conditions symptoms. The 311nm narrowband UVB lamp for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and other skin conditions  is rapidly shipped to arrive in your home in 5-6 working days, whether you are from New York, Los Angeles, Miami ,San Francisco  or you live in Texas , Minnesota , Washington or California or any other state in the US.


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